Movies vs Reality

Movies vs Reality is a video that was created by Vatoum Productions in association with the number 1 male YouTuber and the number 1 female YouTuber in Greece and Cyprus. 2J and Kat Von K.
It was filmed in Cyprus with a lot of love, edited in Greece with a lot of passion and left us all with the best memories possible. It was one of these videos that will have a special place in our hearts because of the friendships made, the fun we’ve had and the feeling of achievement.
Thank you all very much for watching our projects and for supporting us the way you do!!!

Special thanks to:
Παντελής Βατουσιάδης (Pantelis Vatoum) – editor
Xaris Karmelos (X-Man) – actor
Orestis Charalambous – actor
2J – actor
Cat Von K – actress

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