Όλοι κρύβουμε μέσα μας έναν καλλιτέχνη, σε καλούμε λοιπόν να τον φανερώσεις! Τι θα έλεγες να περνούσες κάποιες μέρες με την ομάδα μας αναδεικνύοντας όλα τα ταλέντα σου πάνω στην υποκριτική; Και αν σου λέγαμε πως θα σου έχουμε και μια πατατοέκπληξη?


A big thank you, from all of us, at Vatoum Productions, for the article in the newspaper Lifo. Kingsman is our milestone and we’re happy to have shared it with you. Your support gives us strength to continue. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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This is Foraditsa! The best yogurt in the market, with the softest taste, the richest aroma and the most entertaining origin!!! Have fun and Bon appétit to you all!!!


People say I’m sweet like candy, but all I know is I like brandy. And every time they try to find me, they’re always just one step behind me.


Get behind the scenes and experience the magic of making a movie!!! Watch the preparations, the work, the fun and the result of a Vatoum filming day!


IMDB (Important Message Delivery Breakdown)


I have to confess that I struggled a lot, in order to decide what to write, in the introduction of the following video interview you are about to watch.


He is a simple guy who doesn’t like to mess with his sacred morning ritual! Get out of bed, sit in front of the computer and have the perfect coffee!! What do you do, when someone or something ruins the moment you’ve been waiting for, since the previous night??? Watch and learn from the master […]

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Ever wondered how we at Vatoum Productions spend some of our days? Filming and editing may take most of our time, but we always find a way to relax and have fun!