Just another nerd gamer looking for another heavy dose of action! Does he really Live or is he in another game level?


New Lesson. We learn how to levitate a rock in mid air, through the power of telekinisis, with an unexpected ending.


A peculiar duel between two friends in the wild west! I would like to thank all the people who took the time to watch The Final Duel.


Don’t play with guns, you might end up killing an alien! I would like to thank all the people who took the time to watch The Exploding Man.


Three Brothers….one mission! Kill or be killed. Their goal is to find one little thing.


If you are interested in joining our crew for “The V Brothers I”, complete and submit the form below, until Friday 20 October 2012.


The script for The V Brothers I has been completed and we start filming, If you want to be part of our new video, see which of the characters suits you best. In the category ” videos ” you will find a draft to understand the style of the new project. If you think you […]


Beautiful Persian carpet with repeating patterns all around and the color of puke.


Have you heard the expression “Be careful what you ask for?” You should remember that, even when it’s about a healthy snack like a yoghurt!