Almost every day in our lives is a struggle, nothing changes and we all go through stagnant times. Society promotes that model. Needs its slaves inert. But life needs creativity, hope and desire. We all were destined to greatness. Make no mistake about that. That’s why motivated by positive thoughts and big dreams, we tried to do things that would help us come to grips with this bad situation, help us change it. We were, eventually, eager to create videos, just for fun and without a particular purpose. Our love and passion for the movies led us to that. Then, we created Vatoum Productions, which, at first, was a cast among our friends. Very quickly it became a family. And family bonds are greater and stronger than any obstacle that comes your way. So until this day, during video shoots we are having fun, we are united, speaking like friends and not like the aloof and typical professionals you face in your line of work. That’s our secret. That’s who we are. That’s what we represent. Vatoum Productions!!!

Pantelis Vatoum