I have to confess that I struggled a lot, in order to decide what to write, in the introduction of the following video interview you are about to watch. In the end I thought it would be best to report all of my impressions, hoping that somehow I will be able to demonstrate how I felt during this interview.

The day the interview took place will not be easily forgotten. First of all I need to say that the filming and editing of this interview was entirely taken on by Vatoum Productions, as that was the deal and their only condition from the start. Of course I gladly accepted. The only thing I brought to this interview were my questions and my old mug. Everything else was arranged by the guys and as you will see, the result speaks for itself!!!

Regarding the shooting of the interview, there’s only one thing to say. I may have spent more than 5 hours with them, but the laughter and fun they gave me, was worth the time and effort. I haven’t had so much fun, for many years. Maybe, at some point, they will be kind enough to give the backstage video, to show you what I mean. We’ll see. I also must say that they used only one camera, but with pure professionalism. Who cares if they refer to themselves as amateurs, they worked like professionals with me and between us, they truly love the art of filming.

In conclusion, I will dare to make a prediction, even if I generally do not. I feel that if they keep on doing what they’re doing, in the same way, pretty soon they’ll spread their wings and fly so high, making proud not only all those who believed in them, helped them and loved them, but also this very town that gave birth to them!!! Personally I wish them good luck with all my heart, because they deserve it!!!
-Petros Stathakopoulos

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